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Negative “Self-Talk” Contributes to Stress

 Stress is impacted by ones self-talk whether positive or negative. God knew that what we think about affects us and God gave us instruction to think on the truthful things, honest things, pure things, lovely things, and good things (Philippians 4:8). God only wants what is best for our bodies and therefore the stress caused by negative self-talk would not be good for the body. And talk that is not wholesome is working against ones self which puts stress in ones life.

 Negative self-talk must be exchanged with positive truths. In order to exchange negative with positive self-talk, one must be conscience of the self defeating talk and sometimes may have to literally stop the message and replace with the truthful and wholesome conversation. Practicing positive self-talk is very critical to rid the negative. The awareness of ones feelings and thought process is a starting point to rid the negative self-talk. Journaling ones feeling and thoughts help to rid the negative and learn to express the positive. Prayer is another vital tool as one seeks discernment about the feelings and thoughts. Believing God is involved in the process will give a person the ability to continue on one of the most difficult tasks a person has in growth. Mediating on the blessings of ones life no matter how small a blessing helps change the thought process and changes ones feelings. Our bodies are God’s temple according to scripture. He says to come to Him and He will renew our minds and heart.

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