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Battlefront Concept to Handle Chronic Stress

Dr. Brokaw’s principle, Battlefront, is an effective way to handle chronic stress. Battlefront of chronic stress can be a useful concept to calm the high stresses. An individual learning to allow others to help relieve them of tasks which doesn’t have to be done by the individual and yet gives the other person the blessing of serving in the Kingdom. Being on the battlefront, it is important to hold on to others around you. Those holding on have been shown to thrive and strive vs. those who try to isolate and go it alone. Holding on to God, his blessings, and having a prayer partner also is helpful during the battle. An extremely important stress lower is to STOP and take the time to recover. It is dangerous to keep going. One must create recovery time by getting away with God, family, and friends for healing, laughter, and fun. Recovery time includes good eating and sleeping habits. And finally never quit working toward healing so you don’t get stuck. The slogan (Onward thru the Fog) is a good expression to remember in the middle of a battlefront. Believing God is our healer, comforter and counselor.

Battlefront concept is practical, for me as it stresses and works on my relationships with others and God. God designed us to handle stress and relationships with his guidance. The Battlefront principle encompasses all God’s plan for conflict resolution and relationship building during a highly stress time.

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