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Being a Caregiver Managing and Surviving Stress



As a caregiver, at different points of life, the stress has effected my dietary change and sleep deprivation, which has been the stress producer for me.

The consequences in my life are many and long lasting unless I am mindful of the need to self-care and focus on the stress reducers. Bad cholesterol not eliminated from my body can cause heart disease. The adrenaline and cortisol speeds up my brain and body functions, much like being on speed. The cortisol collects most often around the mid section of the body and can result in cardiovascular disease. This stress could result also in lost of sleep and fatigue. This stress has the ability to affect short-term memory and cause cognitive problems. Stress often will be seen in behaviors of overindulgence, and controlling in my life.

In managing and surviving the stress caused from the stressors, I have needed to concentrate on healthy diet and good sleep habits. The lack of sleep needed to be attacked by going to bed at a consistent time and sleeping no less than 8 hours nightly. To aid in receiving the adequate sleep, the bedroom needed to be darkened and the TV turned off to create a better environment for sleeping. The dietary change needed to heal the body of inflammation caused from stress and bad diet. To address the dietary change, it was a must to insure a well-balanced diet of protein, vegetables, fruit, and dairy products. In order to achieve these changes, it has been just as important to seek God’s wisdom and give Him my burdens daily and sometimes all day long. Getting away to the quietness of a darkened room to be still and listen to God’s voice has been a stress reducer which I have used often in the past as a caregiver.

Caregivers find it difficult to address self-care. Self-care is necessary to continue to give into the life of our love ones. Laura offers many options for different types of appointments (the tradition in person, Skype appointment, FaceTime, Zoom Conference). Click on Schedule Appointment at bottom of page to get the help need with stress management.

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