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Women Dealing With Stress

Women and men are different in how they deal with stress. Men are going to address stress in one of two ways: They may fight by becoming argumentative, violent or they may flight by walking away from the situation. Women, on the other hand, will try to please others, take on more responsibilities than is healthy, diet will be affected either by overeating not eating, and they may not get enough sleep.

Women can combat the effects of stress in several different ways. It is important to realize not all women will have the coping style. Some women may tend to isolate themselves. Therefore it is very important to evaluate ones relationship to determine the healthy relationships and focus on maintaining those relationships. Women often are people pleasers, so the evaluation of relationships is important to change to coping style. Some will try to be super woman, not knowing when to say “NO”. Saying NO to the negative stressors is vital. Sleeping 8 ½ to 9 hours nightly and consistently maintaining the same awake time and bedtime is critical to aiding in stress management. Relaxation is different for each person, so learning what form of relaxation works best for the individual will be another practical idea. Good dietary habits are a must. Eating a healthy diet and not overeating or under eating has a good impact on reducing stress. A regular schedule for exercise is yet another stress reducer. Making lifestyle changes by setting a new routine can be another valuable self-care method. Even scripture talks about a merry heart so laughter helps with stress. Healthy self-care includes meditation on scripture and keeping our time with God and His relationship. Stress depletes ones health, so making some or all the practical ideas would be effective stress management.


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