My husband and I have been married for a short period of time, but have gone through the fire and back. My husband had been struggling with a sexual addiction for seven years. If someone were to ask me what I thought about sexual addictions back then, I would have told them that a sex addict was kin to a child predator. I really did not know a true definition. Coming to WWE group opened my eyes to how widespread Satan’s impact on men’s (and women’s) thoughts and eyes. Laura’s life coaching/facilitating and the WWE support group has changed my outlook on life, and given me hope and freedom through the sisterhood of support group. It helps us feel that we were not alone in the battle, and that with God and the WWE group’s support, we can be free.

~K, Teacher

My closeness to Lord is like no other time in my life. The closeness, I have regained with my husband is through the grace of the Holy Spirit teaching me to forgive and love him, with the WWE support, and Laura’s life coaching skills. The rewards, for traveling this journey, and listening to the Holy Spirit, is first love of Christ, then the love of my spouse. If your spouse is looking at porn, or dealing with another aspect of sex addiction, contact Laura to come to a WWE group for the support, you deserve the help. You will find the support of others is a safe place to heal and learn that you’re not alone.

~RL, Sales Director

I am so thankful to God for making it possible for me to participate in this life changing group WWE and to work with Laura. It opened my eyes to things I had encountered in my life, which I didn’t realize was an addiction and how I could be set free from the questions in my heart and mind. How free I can be after all these years. Thankful to Christ for this group WWE, Laura, and his setting me free with the understanding I have gained.

~RTL, Retired

Since I have been seeing Laura, my life has changed enormously. Some of the changes have been the toughest times I have ever experienced. The great thing is that I wouldn’t have made it through these times without the new life skills I have learned from her. I now realize that the only way to get your life going in a healthy direction is to be willing to face the trials, knowing that it is necessary step in the process of becoming all God created you to be and to finding who you REALLY are and fulfilling your own destiny. Laura has given me everything from new perspectives to resources that have been a key component to making healthy changes in my life. My time with Laura has been invaluable and wouldn’t trade it for anything! I recommend her coaching to my friends and family.

~JQ, Teacher, Business Owner

When I was looking for a coach I wanted someone who would be great with kids, someone who could relate to what we were going through that person in my mind needed to be professional as well as compassionate to our needs. I found that person when I found Mrs. Riza. Mrs. Riza is all that and much more to both me and my granddaughter. She has helped us both.

~MR, Waitress

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