Health – n – Wellness Program

Life in Balance is an integrated wellness plan that helps YOU create a new lifestyle and behavioral changes.

Life in Balance can lead to greater energy, a rejuvenated fulfilling life, and long term health improvements.

The Life in Balance is designed to focus on mind, body, and soul. You will find activities that inspire a healthier New You. You will have access to:

  • Regular online support network weekly with topics to move you to a Life in Balance
  • Topics: Stress management, Healthy sleep habits, Reframing thought patterns, Fitness, and Nutrition to provide information and tips on how to live healthier and make behavioral changes.
  • e-Coaching weekly by certified health & wellness coach to talk over the practical aspects of setting and meeting your new health improvement goals
  • Complete a health risk assessment, ( Click Here ), which will help you understand your current health and best options for making improvements.
  • Certificate of Completion of Life in Balance . Invitation to Life in Balance 102 program.

The Life in Balance program was birthed February 2018, when I needed to make some healthier lifestyle changes, which resulted in renewed mind, healthier body, loss of 78 lbs, and improved blood test screen. The Life in Balance program is about Rejuvenation, Renewing, and Relaxing to achieve a healthier life when you most need it, - NOW!!!

LCWL , will offer a new Life in Balance , 12-week program to help increase ones knowledge about health issues, explore fun ways to improve life, manage stress, learn healthier eating habits, and put the spring back in physical fitness.

Teamwork and support network is most enjoyable with your family, friends, and coworkers join in on the fun. After all, what better support could you have than the people you see everyday? Space is limited to each Life in Balance group so encourage your circle to join in with you.

Contact Laura at 817-366-7950 to register and complete your initial health and wellness assessment. Do it TODAY group space is LIMITED!


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